Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hayden Pantierre and Natural Law

So you probably thought to yourself, Hey, comic books are totally mainstream now. Heroes and Battlestar Galactica are big hits. Dark Knight is going to be #2 on the all-time list. The stigma is gone!

You would, of course, be wrong. Here is Hayden Pantierre at the San Diego Comic Con, being forced to meet her adoring nerd public:

There is a natural order to the world, imposed by the Almighty above. Never forget this.

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Tania said...

Oh, she's not the only celeb I've seen using hand-sanitiser at an autograph session. I reckon most of them do, you just don't catch them at it! If you had to shake hands with hundreds of strangers like that, wouldn't you use it? I certainly would. I would hide it, though. And try not to look quite so disgusted.... ;-)