Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dark Knight Box Office Watch

At some point in the next couple days Dark Knight is going to pass Star Wars to become the #2 grossing movie (domestic, unadjusted) of all time. There's a font of interesting trivia about the DK's numbers here.

The two most interesting are the most weekends at #1 charts (consecutive and non-consecutive. Now these numbers only go back to 1982, so they don't include monsters like Snow White, Gone with the Wind, Jaws, etc. But still, if you had to guess the picture since 1982 with the most weekends at #1, what would you say? I wager that you'd get it right on the first or second or third try.

But if I asked you what two movies tied for third on the list of most #1 weekends, I bet you'd never guess, not in a million years. Don't cheat before you click through.

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joyce said...

Could you help me out with how EXPELLED is doing?? The movie charts never revealed how much it cost to make it, either. Thanks