Friday, August 15, 2008

Is It okay to laugh at this?

Let's stipulate to the fact that the following WWTDD post about Lindsay Lohan leaving her girlfriend for a dude is definitely mean and probably very offensive. But dear God, the funny:

I’m still amazed Lindsay held out this long. Lindsay is a whore. Whores need dick. God only knows how Sam kept her happy. The vibrators in that bedroom must be all next generation stuff.

Got ahead, try not to laugh.


Anonymous said...

"On August 5 at the Delano Hotel’s Florida Room, Lindsay, 22, cozied up to other men whenever Sam left her side."

The part I love is the "other" that got slipped in there.

Anonymous said...

From the post immediately preceding that, about Katie Holmes: "Tom Cruise completely ruined her in three years. She could have met the Zodiac Killer three years ago and looked better than this."