Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lereah Watch

Another hit-piece on David Lereah, this time courtesy of the WSJ. You should read, and savor, it all. But just to tantalize you:

* Lereah claiming that was only following orders!

* Lereah's wife lamenting that they have "an expensive lifestyle" and that her husband needs to make some more money so they can still afford the housekeeper, the country club, etc.

* Lereah explaining how great he is now as an analyst: "I feel I have such a refreshing view now because I'm not representing any interests."

(Is that even English? What is a "refreshing view"? Does Lereah actually have one, or does he just "feel" like he has one?)

The best part is the revelation that Lereah is now working for himself, advising "Japanese companies" (he's huge in Japan!) and churning out a weekly newsletter on the housing market, for which he charges $495 a year.

Lereah says he's got "under 50" subscribers now--which could also mean 2 subscribers--but expects to have 1,500 by the end of the year. The market for his refreshing views is red-hot!


BJ said...

You left out one of the best parts:

"Mrs. Lereah, a CPA who also works at home, decided the only way she and her husband could work in the same house was if they pretended they were at outside offices. They communicate during the day by email and cellphone. Every morning, Mr. Lereah drives to a Dunkin' Donuts or McDonald's and eats in the car, just as he would have on his commute to NAR."

Anonymous said...

Hugh Hewitt : politics :: David Lereah : economics

Dave S. said...

BJ's excerpt demonstrates that at least Lereah is comprehensively delusional. I imagine that from time to time he makes airplane noises and pretends he's being flown around the country to address some conference. Meanwhile his kids wonder where all their Fisher-Price Little People have gone. "You can have them back when I've finished my keynote!"

Shannon Last said...

I knew this would make you happy. I giggled my way through it. Oh, the schadenfreude.

BTW, I would be enormously sad if you ever drove to a Dunkin' Donuts just so that you could sit in your car and eat breakfast. And you know how I feel about the Dunkin.' It's hard to even use "depressing" and "Dunkin' Donuts" in the same sentence. But that would do it.

-Galley Wife