Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Courtesy of Galley Friend P.G., it turns out that the Circuit City "liquidation sale" is a fraud.

Just one more example of why this chain deserved to die.


Anonymous said...

True story: my college roommate was the son of CC vice president (hq is in Richmond). He filled me in on some of the classic CC dirty tricks:

- They would run distorted signals to cheaper TVs to make the picture look much worse than more expensive TVs. They would also use poorer source material to get the same effect. This was back before HD and the internet so all you could go on was the pic quality in-store.

- They did the same thing for car electronics. They also wouldn't even connect comparable equipment so customers couldn't hear audio quality from less expensive products.

- The best tidbit I got was that some manufacturers would actually PAY CC to do this. I learned this when I asked him why he had all-Pioneer equipment in his jeep. I thought Pioneer equipment was junk based on what I had heard at CC. He informed me that Alpine would pay CC to make sure their equipment got the most "attention".

Hilarious. They were not just poorly run, but downright evil.

Anonymous said...

Is the Circuit City non-liquidating liquidation sale analogous to the banks that have foreclosed on homes expecting to recoup the whole note plus interest, rather than selling the foreclosed home for pennies on the dollar to get the debt off the books?

If only they could go out of business again!

Jonathan V. Last said...

I love it when tough guys issue veiled threats of physical violence as anonymous commenters.

But the most telling detail? "Softball" bats. I'm just saying.

Anonymous said...

Softball bats and 9 months in the ICU? JVL just got threatened by a woman!

BTW: people lose their jobs every day in this country. Some times it is sad, other times it is not. When a company goes under because of incompetence and poor business practices it is possible to be both sad for the employees and happy to see a bad company go under. I don't believe JVL said anything other than Circuit City, the business, deserved its fate.

Also: for anyone who has ever shopped at CC, you'll know their employees were one of the main reasons CC continued to lose ground to BestBuy. Whereas BB employees appeared at least moderately informed about the products they sold and attempted to be helpful, I cannot ever remember a helpful CC employee who knew anything about the product they were selling. Customer service surveys routinely reflected this complaint.