Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Samantha on Style--Updated

Galley Friend Samantha Sault has launched what I suspect will become D.C.'s indispensable fashion blog: SamanthaOnStyle..

Sam should be the go-to alternative to the ridiculously overrated Robin Givhan because she (a) knows a truly insane amount about fashion; (b) has a sense of humor; and (c) knows how to write.

It's like Washington has gotten its very own Fug Girl.

Update: Why is Sam so money? Because of posts like this.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear her thoughts on Barack's stillborn attempt at wearing white tie at the Inaugural balls. Certainly doesn't look like a tailcoat!

Anonymous said...

Does Rupert know she's wasting company time writing that narcissistic garbage? Maybe she should get back to fighting the good fight for right-wing apologists like Kristol and (it seems, the recently media friend-lier) "double dongs" Hayes...