Monday, January 05, 2009

Why Can't Us?

On the pick that Samuel returned for a TD yesterday, did anyone notice the vicious block that got thrown on Tarvaris Jackson just before Samuel got into the endzone? Dear God, it was righteous.

(BTW, Jackson deserves a ton of credit for hustling back and whole-heartedly trying to make a play, knowing he had a giant bullseye on him. That's all heart.)


Ralphie said...

Shades of Friday Night Lights, Season 1, Episode 1.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. But not in the league of the one that a Raven (Ray Lewis, I think) laid on a Dolphin (receiver from the skinny looks of him) on Ed Reed's long runback. Watch the upper middle of the screen at 00:14, and then again slightly to the right at 00:40.

If that was Lewis, he's got to watch getting indicted for murder again, because he almost killed that guy.