Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Death of Clover?

Starbucks has now removed Clover machines from several Boston-area stores. This on the heels not expanding the Clover project as promised pre-recession. Now they say they'll add more Clover in 2010 when, in theory, Americans will want $4 coffee.

Is Clover actually worth $4 a cup? My own sense is no. But it might be worth about $3.25. It makes awfully good coffee, particularly with premium beans.


Tordesque said...

Well, since Starbucks has never had premium beans, Clover has never made a good cup of coffee.

Kathy said...


This from the same company who wanted to take the shot glasses away from baristas because five seconds to check the shots was too much wasted labor? WTF.

Also, Drew's right: Charbucks never HAS had premium beans, so it really doesn't matter how they brew it, it will always taste like crap.