Thursday, October 08, 2009

More on Spock and Fringe

Galley Friend P.G. keeps digging:

I just went back and checked the episode recaps for the episode where they discussed Trek. Sure enough, not only do they discuss Trek, but the guy who basically broke the case open for Fringe Division ALSO CLAIMS TO BE SPOCK! And he's the one who connected the dots between The Pattern and Bell. So a man who claims to be Spock also seems to know more about Bell than anyone else. Surely he must notice the similarities between William Bell and the man he claims to be?


Anonymous said...

Fringe is on the verge of being a historically good show but as discussed it has to avoid the Twin Peaks/X-Files/Lost problem of ambiguity: Viewers need payoff on major story arcs/threads.

trumwill said...

Ahhh, but we don't know that Spock is played by the same actor. Presumably in a world where Leonard Nimoy doesn't exist, Star Trek would still have had to cast the part, no? Or was the part written specifically for Nimoy?