Thursday, October 01, 2009

Fringe Watch

Galley Friend P.G. suggested to me last season that Fringe could be evolving from a mildly-interesting-X-Files-spawn to a seriously interesting and original sci-fi story. The inflection point P.G. was intrigued by was the moment when Fringe opened up the the multiverse and introduced the idea of a war brewing between the (so far) two universes. Since then, the series has only gotten more engaging.

Two minor questions:

(1) Leonard Nimoy plays William Bell in the show. But in the Fringe world, we've seen that Star Trek exists. Spock-Nimoy-Bell . . . who is real? Who is pretend? Head hurts now.

(2) What do we call the other earth? Hercules refers to it as Earth 2. I've been calling it Earth Prime. Maybe we need to consult Marv Wolfman.

Bonus nerd question: Is the Observer something like the Monitor? Only time will tell!


Anonymous said...

Fringe is good. Though the excessive promotion of the Observer (strikes me more as the old Recorder character from the early Force Works comics from Marvel) by Fox is slowly driving me to distraction.

Answer One-No one is real, they are all part of a JJ Abrams dream sequence that he'll wake up from in the final episode.

Answer Two-Earth 2, Earth Mark II, Earth Prime, all are reasonably useful names. I suspect at some point in the not too distant future will need description based names as it seems a multiverse is probable rather than just possible.
Maybe Earth-WTC?

I'm not terribly thrilled with the imminent removal of one of the characters, but the willingness to whack somebody in furtherance of story is reassuring.

Anonymous said...

Well as usual, I was not only wrong, but spectularly so. Any thoughts, JVL?