Monday, February 22, 2010

Ezra Klein

Mickey Kaus has a real hard-on for Ezra Klein. Here he is poking at Klein's latest bit of analysis:

Obama's compromise health care plan is out, and "the impact on the politics will be tremendous," gushes WaPo's health care cheerleader Ezra Klein. "The release of this plan marks the end of the Scott Brown election and the resumption of the health-care process." It enables the Democrats to "take back control of the media's narrative," just as they did when they waited out the Tea Parties last August, then "used the president's big speech to pivot to the release and subsequent passage of the Senate Finance Committee's bill." ...Remember the stunning success of the president's speech? It's right here on this graph--if you squint hard you can see the temporary pause in the seemingly ineluctable rise in public opposition to Obama's health care reform right around the beginning of September. It lasted a couple of weeks. Then opposition started rising again. Now it's over 50%, with support ten points lower. ... The Dems must have lost "control of the media's narrative"!

Does Klein really believe this stuff? I don't know which answer would be more embarrassing.

Wait a minute--I actually know the answer to this one!

What would be more embarrassing is: publicly admitting that you just figured out where one of the most famous lines of dialogue in the history of cinema comes from.

Update: Santino piles on. In a good way.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Just wow.

Tomorrow's headline must be the revelation that Darth Vader is Anakin Skywalker.

Scrutineer said...

More embarrassing than admitting you think reading books is "hard, and it's boring"?

Thomas said...

Oh, come on. Lots of 12 year olds don't even know who Brando is.