Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Unless you're deep into the Whedonverse, you probably don't know who Felicia Day is. She's a nifty little actress and although she's not Tricia Helfer, she's beautiful in the way that most Hollywood actresses are, which is to say very. For instance:

Simple enough. Except that there's this little nugget from her blog, where she talks about taping an episode of Whedon's Dollhouse:

Fortunately I have been friendly with everyone on Dollhouse before shooting this episode, so it was very comfortable, being on set. Working with Zone again was very easy, because between Epitaph One and Two (cute fact) we’ve played D&D together every weekend! He randomly knows my DM, so when I walked in one day, he was sitting at the table ready to play.

What's Elvish for awesome?


TubbyLover69 said...

Obviously a COM score of 20+. Lucky for me, if she and I ever threw down, I have a special throw, a very magical wand that should put her in her place.

Christopherus said...
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Michael Greenspan said...

She was tremendously appealing on Lie to Me.