Thursday, February 18, 2010

George F'in Will

It's dispiriting to see George Will fall into "whatever club is nearest at hand" mode:

Conservatives, who rightly respect markets as generally reliable gauges of consumer preferences, should notice that the political market is speaking clearly: The more attention Palin receives, the fewer Americans consider her presidential timber. The latest Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that 71 percent of Americans -- including 52 percent of Republicans -- think she is not qualified to be president.

So conservatives should have embraced Barack Obama when his approval rating was 72 percent because that poll number showed the wisdom of the market? Because opinion polls are a market? And markets are an infallible indicator of wisdom?

As a great columnist once said, this is nonsense on stilts.

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Unknown said...

Did you read Dorothy Rabinowitz on Palin in the Journal? I thought she made some really good points that I don't believe I've read anywhere. While Palin is loved by many conservatives now, this surely has more to do with her enemies than Palin herself. Palin seems to have wrapped herself in the great pose of the left. Principally, that everything is about identity and emotion. This works fine when their is real emotion against too much government, but it will likely work against conservatives in the long run. Palin talks mainly about those crazy elites vs. the good, down home, real Americans. And, she does it by appealing to emotion. This is dumb, and destructive politics. Palin is all heart, and no head, and her act is growing very tired.