Thursday, August 04, 2005

Is Hitch the new Andrew?

Ramesh Ponnuru delivers a DDT, a piledriver, and a Stone Cold stunner to Christopher Hitchen's feeble --yet magisterial!--grasp of Catholicism:
Let's review: Hitchens wrote a confused rant about Catholics and the Supreme Court; I noted its sloppiness and illogic; he claimed that my description of him as "invincibly ignorant" was itself ignorant of "the meaning" of the phrase. He now allows, without noting the concession, that there are multiple meanings of the phrase and therefore that I made no error. Indeed, this appears to be his method in this conversation: He drops every point on which he's been called and brings up new irrelevancies.

You don't tug on Superman's cape.

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craig said...

"Is Hitch the new Andrew?"

Not yet. Many, most, maybe all, of us have issues about which we're so emotionally invested that we lose perspective, judgment, balance, objectivity, rationality, even coherence. The Catholic
Church is Hitchen's.

Unless and unitl it bleeds over into his writings on other issues about which he is very objective, rational, etc., he cannot fairly have said to have gone Sullivan on us.

Not catholic but invincibly ignorant in Arkansas,