Friday, August 05, 2005

The New Left, Dumbledore, and the Reichstag

Galley Freidn B.W. sends along this link which is clearly too good to be true. But still:
So saturday, Matt, Erin, myself and a few others went to DC to crash a rally held by those loonies that think that 9/11 was caused by the US Gov't in order to steal our freedom. Yeah.

So I covered my hat in tinfoil and drove off to matt's place where he'd constructed two large signs. Mine said "The CIA killed Dumbledore!" and had a picture of a wizard, while his said "Dick Cheney is a Giant Communist Robot!" and had a picture of some sort of crazy queen of france arm'd robot.

Certainly, we thought, we'll be yelled at - people will get angry at us very quickly. Not the case...

They took us seriously... They asked to have their pictures taken with our signs. They invited us to the day's events. They gave us a large sign they'd made too! Oy... Here are a couple of exchanges we had while there. . . .

I'll let you read the rest yourself because, like I said, I just can't believe this is for real. Even the pictures can't convince me.


ELC said...

Mine said "The CIA killed Dumbledore!" A spoiler for those who haven't read the book yet. :-(

Lurene said...

It's for real - I'm holding the CIA KILLED DUMBLEDOR sign.