Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Poll Watch

I missed Dean Barnett's excellent post on the Pew Research Center's poll on religion in America. Very good stuff. Best part:
When asked whether Islam was more likely to encourage violence than other religions, incredibly only a miniscule 36% of the respondents said yes. This is pretty amazing. Is it really a slam on Islam if you happen to notice that the vast majority of terror incidents committed over the past several years have been committed by the religion’s practitioners?

While I really shouldn’t have to say this, in the interests of self-preservation I will: Obviously not all Muslims are terrorists. Obviously only a teensy-tiny portion of Muslims are terrorists. But, and the following is not really deniable, a high percentage of terrorists are Muslims. Facts are facts.

The Pew respondents must have bee thinking about that wave of Unitarian suicide bombers we've heard so much about.

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Anonymous said...

Almost sounds like a joke: what happens when a Unitarian suicide bomber attacks?

Nearby people are stricken with doubt and agnosticism... (thanks; I'll be here all week.)