Monday, August 08, 2005

The Quiet Dignity of Britney

From my blog crush:
Oh, I know, I hadn't heard about it either, but these pics lead me to believe that Britney might be expecting. She's a bit of a recluse who prefers to live her life with a quiet dignity rarely seen today, so I'm not surprised news on her has been hard to come by. These pictures perfectly illustrate her famous understated humility. I can only imagine what brilliant witticism she's regaling her party with here. Although, if I know Britney - and I like to think I do - they probably chartered this 100 foot yacht to find a quiet spot and share their feelings about the passing of Peter Jennings.

Follow the link to see the pictures to experience the full funny.


Anonymous said...

Down on the Paris Hilton item, I thought "lion-proof ugly" was a nice turn of phrase.

--See Dubya

Anonymous said...

Damn, Christina Ricci's gotten skinny. Scary-skinny. Is she trying to get a skeleton role in the next Tim Burton movie or something?

Anonymous said...

Ricci is damaged goods ever since Vince Gallo outed her as a pill-popping bitch. She's dating Adam Goldberg, together they will create the world's most annoying offspring, with a voice capable of annoying someone to death in a matter of minutes.

Anonymous said...

Pity. Ricci was adorable during her "Sleepy Hollow" years. Now she looks like she's dead set on transforming herself into just another freakishly bony Hollywood actress.

Why? Why must all actresses starve themselves into stick figures? Do they really think that's sexy? There is not one guy I know -- not one -- who is turned on by the sight of a woman's rib cage.