Tuesday, August 09, 2005

"Tell Me Are You a Christian Child?"

Sad, disturbing news: The great Marc Cohn was shot over the weekend after a concert in Denver. Poor guy. Not only does he have to endure watching his best songs turn into hits only when they're covered by more famous acts, but now he gets carjacked and shot.

Pour one for him tonight.


Sean said...

Adding to the indignity is the Drudge headline: "Husband of ABCNEWS Anchor Elizabeth Vargas shot in head..."

I didn't know he was married to her, though. Good for him.

epinionated2005@gmail.com said...

Better for him, he was able to walk out of the hospital under his own power. God bless, Marc.

And JVL, while not as wildly popular as Walking in memphis, I personally think True Companion was his best work. Comments?

arrScott said...

I was always partial to "Silver Thunderbird" myself. Saw Marc play the bandshell by the lake in Minneapolis in, oh, must have been '91. Terrific show.