Thursday, November 16, 2006

Aries Spears, the Rich Little of Rap

The geniuses at Pajiba send us to this video of a guy named Aries Spears. He does rap impersonations which are, as my homegirl T-Dub would say, redonkulous. He goes from LL Cool J to Snoop to DMX to Jay-Z--really, you've got to watch it to believe it.

Totally safe for work.


V. Price said...

While I appreciate Aries Spears clip, I think it's time Galley Slaves goes back to its old format. I had nothing to do at work today and spent my afternoon sufring the GS archives, what ride it was gents! This dedication to entertainment related topics is a losing venture. I urge all of you to go back and read the old posts from '04. Back then there were Kerry posts, followed by Iverson posts, and then maybe some OJ or Michael Jackson! My point is you guys were interesting and different back then and that's why I started reading this blog. Now it's all celebrity news and video games and it's getting really tired. You guys took the best blog on the internet and reduced it to nothing. It's as if In & Out Burger stopped serving meat so they could concentrate on fries.
Please, take some shots at Jon Stewart, or talk about Matt Labash, or even make fun of Pelosi and Bill Simmons, please something has got to give!

Anonymous said...

I agree, v. GS, why not throw the occasional hatchet at Andrew Sullivan? He's been picking fights (and more or less getting his @ss kicked (most particularly by Ramesh Ponnuru)) for months now, and nary a word from you guys. You risk being considered pvssy Christianists if you don't start ripping on Sullivan. How about a mean spirited attack on his new book?

Anonymous said...

That guy looks nothing like Britney Spears. They must not be related.