Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Best Campain Poster Ever?

If Warner Bros. were to send me a placard of this:

I'd be a very happy camper. It would go right up in my office. Mind you, I don't have very high expectations for The Dark Knight, but I'm a big Two Face fan and Tom Jane is one of my favoritist actors, ever.

Bonus: That's just for you, S.B.

P.S.: I know. That's what makes it funny.


Anonymous said...

"I just want my kids back."

jon said...

Isn't that Aaron Eckhart?

Anonymous said...

Yes, but Aaron Eckhart looks exactly like Thomas Jane. As I've explained to JVL, I'm about 85% sure they're the same guy. That's what makes it funny!


Anonymous said...

From The Punisher to Two Face--is it really that big a jump?

Anonymous said...


(An hour later). That's right. I have a date. With my...boyfriend. The Homeless Guy.

P.S. You can't keep up with me, All Caps All Star. I'm small but fast.

P.P.S. That's what she said.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous #5? You better put down that quadra-espresso and double check Comment #1. Just because I didn't use my All-Cap Powers doesn't mean it wasn't me.

That's right. A triple negative. JUST TRY TO UNPACK THAT, JERSEY GIRL!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, All Caps All Star, I knew Comment #1 was you in disguise, you NTAC. That's what makes it funny.

DO NOT MOCK THE QUADSHOT!!!!! (Add a 20-oz diet coke to that, too.) It's like you think you're fourthslaveworthy or something. Tell that to the JERSEY GIRL in the 40 dollar ANN TAYLOR LOFT PANTS!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

PS: COME ON!!!!!!!