Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fly, Eagles, Fly

The conventional wisdom in Philly is now that this will be Donovan McNabb's last season as an Eagle. Which is bad enough. Now comes Don McKee with a more depressing theory:

A few observers have opined that McNabb will be moved after the coming season. But here's a scenario that has him moving before September.

The Chicago Bears are ready to win the Super Bowl. They might have won it last year except for a glaring weakness at quarterback. Before the ever-popular "window" closes, the Bears need a quality QB to kick them over the hump.

This scenario obviously depends on two things. One, that McNabb is physically ready to play on Week 1 of the 2007 season. Two, that Chicago is convinced McNabb is their best available QB option.

(The fact that McNabb is from Chicago is, in my mind, irrelevant. The Bears would be just as interested in an available quality veteran if he were from Portland, Tucson or Montreal.)

But the key to this scenario is Bears linebacker Lance Briggs, who has said publicly that he will never play for Chicago again and who refused to report to minicamp on Friday.

Briggs is, arguably, the best weakside linebacker in the game and is only 26.

The question most Eagles fans are asking right now is: Why would the Bears make that deal?

Ummmm, that's not the first question that comes to my mind, actually.

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Michael said...

This used to be known as "Talking out of one's a$$"

Ask yourself one thing, unless theres much more happening behind the scenes between McNabb and Reid. Donovan ain't going anywhere.

Reid & the Eagles are an anomaly in the NFL, they give their players likely to be completed contracts. You never hear of the Eagles cutting players for Salary Cap reasons. Players will finish their contracts and walk away, but they are never cut because they make too much money.