Monday, May 21, 2007

Uncle Junior's got laser beams shooting out of his eyes!

Okay, so I am still recovering from last night's tumultous episode of the Sopranos. (And if you have yet to see it, you might want to skip this.) Just a few thoughts:

As I guessed, the crooked-eyed Butchie Deconcini will play a potentially lethal role in the final two episodes of the show. (Actor Greg Antonacci simply exudes creepiness.) Of course the coming attractions are always deceptively spliced, but it seems Tony and Phil will face-off--the latter giving the order to wack the former. If not, the order would be to hit someone close to him, like Bobby. As Carmine Lupertazzi so eloquently put it, "We are at the precipice of the crossroads." (And speaking of Bobby, don't be surprised if his gift to Tony, the AR-10 assault rifle, makes an appearance.)

As Galley friend S.B. said, "If this is the last we see of Anthony Jr., I am fine with it." In other words, that story arc, like Uncle Junior's and Christopher's, has basically been resolved. But at the hospital, as A.J. is being wheeled away, was anyone else distracted by Tony's shirt? Was that velvet or velour?

Another splendid Carminism is "alteration"--as in the "alteration" between Phil and Tony leading to the most graphic curbjob I've seen on film.

And finally, the biggest question of all: Has anyone really had a Lincoln Log sandwich lately?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this i actually missed most of it and from what i did see I am still recovering as well.

Good stuff!