Friday, July 13, 2007

About Sony . . .

Maybe my hi-def DVD decision is being made for me? Remember Sony's much ballyhooed price drop from a few days ago? They were going to cut $100 off of their 60 gig model (making it only $499) while they simultaneously introduced an 80 gig model for $599. Astute observers noted at the time, that this didn't really amount to much of a price drop, since when the PS3 originally went on sale, it offered a less-spiffy model at $499, which they subsequently discontinued. All this did was re-establish a $499 model.

Except that they didn't!!!

Sony now announces, days after their "price-drop" announcement, that, come to think of it, they're just going to discontinue the $499 60 gig model. Leaving them with only the $599 80 gig.

Which makes this less of price cut and more of a short-term clearance sale.

Seriously, who's running this company? Because this is Exhibit 3,794 as to why corporate CEOs are criminally overpaid.

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