Monday, July 23, 2007

Obligatory PS3 Post

The latest numbers from Japan--Sony's big firewall for the PS3--are in. They're chilling, if you're Sony:

Yesterday, international news wire Reuters reported that Sony's PlayStation 3 had sold its 1 millionth console in Japan, nearly six months to the day after the publisher claimed to have shipped 1 million consoles to its home market. Citing numbers published by Famitsu publisher and gaming-industry tracker Enterbrain, Reuters also reported that Nintendo's Wii was at the precipice of its own milestone, having sold 2.9 million units in the Land of the Rising Sun as of July 8. . . .

However, both consoles have well surpassed Microsoft's Xbox 360, which has sold 420,000 consoles in Japan as of mid-July, according to Enterbrain.

Pay attention to the fact that it took Sony six months to sell off the number of consoles they had shipped. That doesn't say good things about demand.


Anonymous said...

Why, exactly, are these posts obligatory?

Anonymous said...

Seriously. I for one would like to see more cheesecake. Where is Matus when you need him? Come to think of it, where the hell is Skinner?

Michael said...

PS3 is dead, you know it, I know it, the American people know it.


PS3, still dead.