Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Number 10,000

So the Phillies lose 10,000 games and suddenly everyone in the world is talking about how they're the losing-est team in history. Well guess what: That 10,000th loss didn't put them over the hump or anything. They've been the losing-est team in pro sports for my entire life. Everyone else is just noticing.

Either that, or my theory that Philadelphia is America's new BoSox is beginning to take hold!


Anonymous said...

Perfect Philly fan photo: They can't even spell the word "losses" right.

The "New Bosox" theory can only be true if there are enough potential unaligned baseball fans who have never actually met a group of three or more Phillies fans nor seen nor heard a baseball game broadcast from Philadelphia. The culture of Red Sox Nation was that even when the team lost, they still loved the Sox. The culture of Phillies Fanatics is that even when the team wins, they still hate the Phillies.

I was not surprised to learn that the only team with 10,000 wins is the Giants. But I was surprised to learn that the team with the next-most wins, 9,948, is the Chicago Cubs. I certainly wouldn't have guessed that the Cubbies are the second-winningest team in baseball history.

Stuart said...

Phans love their Phils, but we're not lemmings. When they screw up, we let them know. Like Barajas being a detriment to the offense? Yeah, he knows. Every home game he knows.
And don't get too stoked over the Cubbies. They're also the third losing-est team in baseball history, naturally following my Phils, then the Braves. Lots of games, that's all.

Michael said...

Sorry, we can't turn into bosox nation, for several reasons...
1) Crying is a New England concept
2) No singular villain to blame all of the Phillies shortcomings on.

And I like it that way. We've the Phils, Eagles, Sixers, Flyers and Big Five. I lived in HK for three years, and the best was seeing a guy with a Jevon Kearse jersey standing on the platform for the Tram in Bangkok. You know he's a fan and not some hipster know-nothing who'll sport the BoSox or Cubs stuff.