Thursday, September 13, 2007

For the Love of All That Is Holy

When Galley Friend D.M. told me about the '90s era pilot for a Justice League of America series, I didn't believe him. Here it is.

Listen, I won't lie to you, this is long. Part one is 10 minutes. I know what you're thinking, I'm at work, I can't afford to take the time to watch this.

Believe me, when you see Green Lantern, the Flash, the Atom, and "Fire" unleash their mighty powers around the 9:00 mark, you'll understand that you can't afford not to watch. It's like the Corman Fantastic Four, only with real actors (Miguel Ferrer! David Krumholtz!), and much, much worse.

Here's the opening credits sequence:

So hot. Next comes the 10-minute part 1. Note the interwoven confessional-style interviews with the heroes:

I couldn't track down the next segment, but here's the denouement:

Question for the room: Is this the worst superhero adaptation ever done for the small screen?


Unknown said...

Dude that - that was rough. I was going to nominate "The Flash" as worst ever but then I saw Guy Gardner singing opera. And really, NEW METRO?! No wonder I make mine Marvel.

Anonymous said...


The Captain America movies were far worse.

Anonymous said...

My first thought too -- "This is almost as bad as Captain America." It's the Justice League and they're ... fending off storm damage?

Looks like they were trying to translate the classic Giffen/DeMatteis run on JL to the small screen, and in the process ruining it. Where's the redneck chauvinist Guy Gardner? Where's Blue Beetle? Where are Martian Manhunter's Oreos?

C said...

I am proud to say that I own the entire pilot (as an avi file). The pleasingly plump David Ogden Stiers as the Martian Manhunter still makes me cry.

Jonathan V. Last said...

Carol, the world begs you . . . Please share!

Anonymous said...

Ice, aka Kim Oja, was in "Son of the Beach" Is Notch Johnson in this pilot? Are they stuck in the gaytrix with Alan Thicke?

New game: 7 degrees of Timothy Stack.