Monday, September 17, 2007

Trouble at Townhall

Just a quick aside:

Am I missing something, or did Patrick Ruffini just call Hugh Hewitt a liar?

Ruffini today: "Anyone who argues that this isn’t jump ball between some permutation of Giuliani/Romney/Thompson is probably lying to you."

Hugh Hewitt last week: "The third quarter fundraising is coming to an end, and so has Fred Thompson's honeymoon, leaving one of three people as George Bush's successor--Senator Clinton, Mayor Giuliani, or Governor Romney."

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Anonymous said...

Sadly, the man who stuck with Bush through the 2004 campaign and was vindicated by W.'s victory -- the guy who had me cheering back then, convinced he was a prophet -- became a Romney shill, and a constant McCain-basher. Lucky for Hugh, he has Dean Barnett, who's a bit more fair-minded (who isn't?), although admittedly in the tank for Romney, and Ruffini, who's written enough things daring to question the sure ascent of Romney to get him banished from forever. Your insightful take on Ruffini's latest is yet more evidence that he'll be shown the door by Hugh any day now.

But enough about politics. It's 12:20 a.m. Tuesday morning, and I came here looking for your sob-story post about your woeful Philadelphia Eagles, who just lost to my beloved Washington Redskins.

Taste the pain!

Man, that feels good. After years of seemingly going 0-2 against Philly and every other NFC East team, a victory!

Now if we can just beat Dallas...