Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nobody does him better

If you happen to find yourself in Moscow and in need of a rental car, don't rent a Porsche, even if it's cheap (I assume it's not). According to the Daily Mail, approximately fifty Porsches were stolen last year within the Russian capital. The article's main focus, however, was on the death of Anna Loginova, "Russia's most famous female bodyguard," who was killed when carjackers got hold of her Cayenne [though the Mail calls it a Cheyenne]. Loginova, an expert in jujitsu, died from head injuries while holding onto her SUV as it sped away.

As of now, authorities believe the incident was random and not a hit. As the Mail explains, "Loginova ran an agency for female bodyguards, some trained by the ex-KGB, to give discreet protection to Moscow's billionaires and their wives and mistresses. In a recent magazine interview, she insisted that she and her team of glamorous bodyguards gave better protection than the more traditional beefy male security men."

"In addition," said Loginova, "many restaurants now do not allow a guard inside. They can come in and check everything but then they are asked to wait in the lobby. In contrast, you can take female bodyguards inside, she will sit down at the table and nobody would guess that she's a weapon herself--and can react appropriately in any dangerous situation."

But could Loginova have been bumped off by a competitor? There is certainly that distinct possibility. So the question is who would benefit the most and the answer is clear. She is surrounded by her own female bodyguards and lives on a floating palace in India.

And her name is Octopussy.

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Anonymous said...

I think it's a Cayenne, not Cheyenne, not that either name makes any sense for a German high performance SUV.