Sunday, January 06, 2008

Quick Political Aside

I'm in New Hampshire writing about political stuff and was at the debates last night. There were hundreds of journalists cooped up in a giant gym to watch the debates on big-screen TVs, because press wasn't allowed in the actual debate hall.

Just one observation: There were not a few Big Famous Journalists who spent nearly all of the four hours walking around, talking, hanging out, surfing the web, reading blogs, etc. I won't name names, because maybe they were only there for the scene, and not to do any actual reporting.

But seated in front of me was another Big Famous Journalist: Mort Kondracke. He spent the entire evening watching the debates carefully and taking notes by hand on a reporter's pad. That's about 17 shades of awesome.

What a total stud.


Anonymous said...

It sounds kind of corny, but there's nothing better than being a young guy in a business (plumbing, reporting, science) and watching a well-respected old guy do his thing.

Anonymous said...

That is not a surprise. Mort's comments on the panel section of Brit Hume's show are always intelligent.

and Jeff Green traveled, Matus!!