Sunday, March 23, 2008

And a Blessed Easter to You

Still smarting from Vandy's first-round exit, Pitt's loss, and G-town's monumental collapse (perhaps, VLM, the apple does not fall far from the tree, n'est-ce pas?) I was buoyed by Galley Friend M.G. sending along this clip from Letterman with the BSG cast doing a Top 10 list. You'll notice that some cast members sell their lines a lot better than others.

Kudos to Sackhoff, Hogan, and Douglas.

NCAA side note: Pre-tourney, Bob Knight kept nattering on and on about how Pitt was his pick to win it all. I like Pitt a bunch, had them in my Final Four. But it seemed to me a classic example of last in-first out from Knight and made me wonder about his basketball genius. Even more so after they got bounced by Mich State. Is Izzo the most dangerous tournament coach around these days? I say yes. He's what Calhoun and Boeheim were in their primes.

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Anonymous said...

I saw the Sportscenter in which Knight picked Pitt. Two of the four analysts picked all 1s and 2s to make the final 8. One analyst (Digger Phelps) picked all 1s to make the final 4. Two other analysts picked three 1s and one 2 to make the final 4.

My response was, "Thanks for the expert analysis, guys." I mean, I'm not looking for something I can bet my house on, but at least give me something more in depth than, "The low numbers will probably be better than the high numbers."

Knight's pick at least showed some savvy. By picking Pitt, he at least showed that he was thinking for himself, and not just reporting on what other reporters and analysts had reported and analyzed. I thought it would probably be wrong, but it was good, and more importantly, it was interesting.

-- MattM