Wednesday, March 12, 2008


You may have noticed the pretty BSG ad running just to the right--I encourage you to click through because it takes you to an 8-minute How We Got Here to re-cap events leading up to season four. Season three comes out on DVD on March 18, which can't come soon enough for me.

And as another little BSG tidbit, here's some obsessive fan's look at Tricia Helfer in all of her Six configurations from the show.


BJ said...

I was waiting for you to brag/point out the BSG ad.

Question: Where does Razor fall in the BSG storyline? Is it set before or after season 3?

Anonymous said...

is it possible to get enough Tricia Helfer?

Nope.. she rocks!!

BSG Razor falls in the middle of season 2.

Oh and cheers for the link... and i'm not an "obsessive fan"... but i am a fan :P