Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Brief Political Aside

Galley Reader C.L. notes that the self-parodic Andrew Sullivan (did you know he was in a Gap ad once!) has ascended to new heights of self-parody and suggests a fun game:

Trying to get Andrew Sullivan to publish your most over-the-top email about the greatness that is Obama. If I weren't swamped with work, I would be all over this. Here's a quick attempt:

"It seems improbable--dare I say providential?--that of all times, it is during Holy Week that Obama has reached out to heal our nation's soul. No, he cannot redeem us by himself. But he can be a vehicle of that redemption, an agent of restoration. Through him, America's original sin can at long last be overcome, and the better angels of our nature, restored. Yes, he can. Yes, we can. Yes, we can."

This shit is shockingly easy to write.

Can't agree with that last part. C.L.'s blurb has a breezy genius to it that's beyond my poor powers.

I imagine that getting Sullivan to run your email would make one feel like John Candy in Splash after Penthouse finally publishes one of his letters.

But if you don't want to actually tug on Sullivan's chain (so to speak), I'd suggest another fun game:

Before an Obama event takes place, write a short paragraph praising Obama's performance in the most over-the-top manner possible. Then, after Obama does his thing, pluck a graph from Sullivan's (or some other apologist's) "analysis" and email them to friends, daring them to guess which is real and which is Memorex.

So no one gets the idea that this is a partisan thing, I'll cop to doing this from time to time with friends concerning Mitt Romney and certain of his more, um, enthusiastic supporters during the earlier portion of the primary season.


Anonymous said...

that might be the most awesome thing ever.

Anonymous said...

Demoted from "Friend" to "Reader" within the span of two short posts.

Anonymous said...

What kind of happy horseshit is this? Hey, Last, when did you start allowing crybaby commenters to post on the blog?

Real conservatives don't cry! Weeping is for crypto-lib Rockefeller Republicans!!! TRUE CONSERVATIVES LIVE TO MAKE CHILDREN SOB!!!


Anonymous said...

Making fun of Andy Sullivan is just picking low-hanging fruit. As for GalleySomthing CL, seriously, strap on a pair.

Anonymous said...

How does he do it?

Anonymous said...

Dear Galley Friend CL,

Dude. That was just embarrassing. Get a grip.



Anonymous said...

We are at an inflection point in the nation's history. This election, this moment, will determine who we are, and who we hope to be.

On one side is arrayed the forces of despair, of polarization, of vitriol and of anger. One weeps to behold this toxic sewer, pumping forth a constant stream of fetid, noxious lies. It represents the gathering darkness, the long night set to befall us.

But hope--bright hope--twinkles on the horizon. It the other side, the side of optimism, of reconciliation, of harmony and of charity. It is the side that appreciates nuance and delights in self-reflection. It relishes the differences that unite us, and welcomes the opportunity to build a better future with the vile loathsome people that we deplore.

Anonymous said...

You could do the same thing with thing (now, not two months ago) with the reaction of certain folks on The Corner to pretty much any action of McCain's.

Anonymous said...

I would enter this contest--and win it--but both of my beagles and the boyfriend are incontinent right now (oh, the rugs!). I shall return.

Anonymous said...

any AS parody will fail because they cannot come close to the real thing:

"There's no solid evidence of foul play from any rival campaign in this Bill Gertz scoop; but count me skeptical about this being totally innocent. From the absurd rumors of his religion, the lies about the pledge of allegiance, the uproar over Wright, it's quite clear that Obama's historic candidacy has some people in a panic. Good. Some people should be." -- AS 3/21/08

You can't parody this, it is already a parody. And to whomever thinks The Corner comes close to AS in their McCain love, go back and find me 1 post over at The Corner that comes close to what AS writes about Obama. You'd be able to find K-Lo posts that are similar in their love for Romney, but nothing for McCain.

Anonymous said...

The forces of hatred and ignorance are gathering about us. Being gay is fun. But I won't back down. Beagles. Not now, not ever. Picture from your window. It is at times such as these when our true mettle is shown. Bush is like the worst, ever. It is confronting our greatest challenges that we confound our deepest doubts. Guantanamo. Only then do we become our better selves. Is O using a new moisturizer?

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine what Sullivan would post if he found out Obama was uncircumsised?

Brian Moore