Monday, June 16, 2008

"It is what it is."

This phrase (which, for me, ranks up with the British expression "Well there we are" in terms of sheer utility) is everywhere today. But the first time I heard it was when it was muttered by the great Ricky Jay in Boogie Nights. Stay with me, I'm going somewhere with this.

So it was Boogie Nights which jumped to mind when I saw this story about the porn outfit Digital Playground moving to a new hi-def camcorder, the 4K Red One. But buried in the story was this fantastic nugget: "Reportedly, the high-resolution camcorder has already been used to capture ten films in the past two months."

That's the type of high-volume operation that pushed Jack Horner and the Colonel out of the business. And surely cranking out a film every four days means that something in the art must suffer?

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