Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tech Bleg

I'm looking to get a service like eFax: Something that lets people send faxes to my computer, and lets me fax out of the computer without hooking into a phone line. Also, I work on a Mac. Anyone have thoughts about whether eFax is worth the $20 a month, or if there's a better and/or cheaper service?

Comments or emails much appreciated.


Anonymous said... not do efax...the $20/month thing is only for a few pages of material and as soon as you go over your limit they will start hitting your credit card with $10 fee's to cover the overage. And the Lord help you if some spammer gets your fax number cause then you will be paying for those ones too. I have a colleague in MI that uses callwave for his fax and he pays like $9.95 for unlimited pages...I would switch but I have about a zillion dollars in advertising with my efax number on it so I am waiting til I have another printing order.
Don't make the same mistake...

Anonymous said...

I use a Mac (at home) and have a fax number from MaxEmail. It works very well & I recommend it. I practiced law for 12 years with this number as my only fax number. Incoming faxes were sent to their own email address (e.g., Both & & my assistant checked that account. Especially helpful when you are on the road.

I have not heard of callwave, but that plan looks attractive.

Anonymous said...

Callwave is probably fine. Ureach ( pretty good, too, chachi. They set you up w/ a toll-free number, and it's much cheaper.

Jonathan V. Last said...

Many thanks. I was hoping to avoid eFax if possible because my needs are incredibly modest--maybe 50 incoming pages a month. Will probably be trying MaxEmail, since I can do the Express version for just $25 a year.

I'm indebted for the advice. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

chack out 9.95 a month unlimited inbound faxes to pdf's in your email