Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who knew that owning the rights to Strawberry Shortcake would be such a big deal? As the Los Angeles Times reports, Miss Shortcake belongs to DIC Entertainment Holdings, Inc., which intended to be sold to the Cookie Jar Group of Toronto for approximately $31 million. But DIC's licensing partner American Greetings actually owns the rights to Shortcake and everyone else living in Strawberry Land and found a judge to issue a temporary restraining order and prevent DIC from being bought by Cookie Jar.

I thought Strawberry Shortcake went the way of My Little Pony, He-Man, and Inspector Gadget. Not so, reports the Times:

"In the last four years, according to DIC, Strawberry Shortcake has generated nearly $3 billion in retail sales."

Well, at least we know what Strawberry Shortcake does for DIC.


Anonymous said...

"Well, at least we know what Strawberry Shortcake does for DIC."

Really inappropriate, Matus

Anonymous said...

I love it!

I actually saw He-Man DVD's in Target the other day. My kids had no clue.

Anonymous said...

I've got news for you, li'l darlin': My Little Pony is still around, too.

Jerky said...

hey cuz... didn't know you were here.