Monday, July 14, 2008

Dark Knight Watch

Saw it this afternoon. I don't have anything coherent to say yet, except that it has not been over-promised. I was luke-warm on Batman Begins, even though I softened somewhat upon second viewing. But Dark Knight is in a totally different class. You can't consider it by the normal metrics of superhero movies. It aspire to, and achieves, the actual level of film. This is Chinatown and Heat rolled into one.

Much more later.

Update: I posted more thoughts here and a long essay, "The Dark Knight Triumphant," here.


James said...

This is where you annoy us lesser mortals- I have to wait until the middle of next week (for to go when it's not too crowded) to get a guyfriend to go see it because the girlfriend thinks "it's too sad". I hope the theatres are somewhat uncrowded during the first showing, jeez.

One thing, I will be happy for your (please no spoilers, or warn clearly) version of things. I feel dirty being a fanboy at this late stage of 37, like it should be beneath my dignity. But I dearly, dearly love well rendered villains- which is why "Lt. Gordon's" Gary Oldman is my Numero Uno (for Norman Stansfield in Leon/Professional).

Also sir, Mr. Last, can you point to your other writing, maybe rendered so your readers have access to what you write in an organized fashion? All I know to do is go prowling The Weekly Standard.

Also, I was looking (admittedly, I'm one of those throwbacks who never got "this flashing box stuff" back when his entire generation did) for older writings, maybe some of your essays you're proud of? I'm not some creepy fanboy (except for Scarlett Johanssen, woof), it just occurs to me you're one of my favorites, but access to your writing is particularly unfriendly, and/or unorganized for dilettantes and/or serious computer morons. Any help would be very appreciated.

By the way, I'm usually better than 40 word sentences with "and/or"s- sorry about the above, written in haste. Ick. And thanks for the writings, Monsieur Last.

Anonymous said...

At my son's insistance, we all attended yesterday. With all the hype, I was anticipating a good time. It started fine and was more like a drama than a comic book, if you can continue to ignore the questionable ability of a supposedly spontaneous and physically weak joker to orgainize complex explosives in multiple locations.
Passing that implausibility, it was fatigue that got to me. About the time, they captured the joker, I was thinking, isn't it about over--and it wasn't by a long shot.
When my sitting muscle can't be overcome by pleasure in watching the screen, the movie is no 10.

James said...

Kinda don't know what to say about that. Explosives? He had people. How obvious is...nevermind.

I also don't know what to think about people who expect plot perfection in movies about a guy who dresses in kevlar underoos and can whip thirty guys with guns. It's like complaining the problem with Stalin was the drab uniforms.