Monday, July 28, 2008

Dept. of Shoot Yourself Now

Via Galley Friend B.W. comes this amazing stat on home prices in Detroit. Don't click just yet.

First, if I told you that mean home price in 2003 was $97,850, what would you guess mean home price in Detroit was today?

If you guessed $19,448, you'd be the big winner.

As one of the commenters asks, "How low do house prices have to drop in Detroit before it pays to gut them for their parts?"

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Anonymous said...

Detroit has now reclaimed it's throne as "America's Worst City". Philly held the title for much of the past decade after stealing it from Detroit back in the late 90s.
How can a major metro area have homes for less than $100K? Philly, Chicago, DC, NY, SF, LA, none of those cities have anything for under $100K, yet alone AVERAGE $19K!!!