Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day by Day

Variety reports that the current financial climate has had an impact on Broadway. Writes Gordon Cox, “Producers report some investors would now rather hold onto their money rather than pony up for a risky Rialto show, and many worry that the usual September downturn in ticket sales will be particularly brutal this year.”

Sadly, one of the shows to be cancelled is Godspell. Damn this economy!

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James said...

Something is up with that link. I couldn't get it to work for crap- I have that problem with all links from here.

I had to go and look it up myself through channels, which means I had to click at least four more times on my keyboard! At least *seven* *seconds* worth of work. Are you happy now? Do you see what you're lazy coding skills have done? A reader had to LOOK SOMETHING UP.

I hope you can live with yourself.