Thursday, March 19, 2009

Damn You CBS!!!!!!!!

CBS no longer allows its media player--which delivers all of the NCAA early-round games to your desktop--to work on Macs.

They will, however, allows you to stream the games on your iPhone, provided you pay for their app and are hooked into wi-fi.

Cold comfort, that.

Update: DO NOT buy the CBS iPhone app. It stinks.


Anonymous said...

Serves you right for buying a Mac.

Live and learn, buddy.

Anonymous said...

Parallels. If you own a Mac this is a MUST HAVE.

mgarbowski said...

I'm watching Duke-Binghamton on a Mac at the CBS Sports site right now.

Anonymous said... is streaming all games live. Not sure if it'll work on a Mac, though (Sorry).

Anonymous said...

I'm a true sport fan and have caught every second of every upset and instant replay.

I am fully enjoying the monopoly licensing of march madness.

I am highly tolerant of bugs and patches in the spring, and I am a PC.