Monday, March 30, 2009

How Not to PItch Your Work



Anonymous said...

I have a an exciting and fun new story meant to be a groundbreaking graphic novel after I earn enough to take art classes. I am familiar with your insightful review of Captain America. It think you will find mine as full of wonder and inspiration as that great work.
It is called 'The Commentator' and revolves around a man with the secret ability to change the world by planting thoughts in people's heads through his pithy comments on web-sites. He soon gets a job at a marketing firm called TrollCo. He must battle rep's of a competing firm across the street that, it turns out, is owned by his father!!

There are many mythic and awe-inspiring, nostalgic moments I think you'd like. Do you mind reviewing it for me, preferably somewhere very prominent like the Journal or one of the Times.


PG said...

Anon 1:11-
Does your hero get to marry Anne Althouse after she strikes up a romance based on his blog comments?

Shannon Last said...

I'm laughing. I'm crying.

: )

Anonymous said...

Now come on. Some things are a little too far-fetched even for fantasy fiction. I'm trying to write a serious work of graphic literature that is true to real life possibilities.