Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mickey Kaus: Hero

I think that in the past I've said some not-nice things about Mickey Kaus, his cleverness, etc.

I take it all back. All of it.

Kaus has posted a thread from inside Ezra Klein's JournoList. Go read it now, before it disappears. You can't imagine how awesome it is.

Seriously, you cannot possibly imagine the hotness.

But Mickey, I beg you: Unleash the redactedness!

Update: Galley Friend M.L. emails, "Feeling this much pleasure must be bad for you."

Kind of like this:


James said...

Holy. Christ.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty much exactly as I imagined it: like a bunch of Junior High kids with better vocab sniping over silly shit.

Here's my question: who leaked it? Did they take Chris Hayes up on his offer to show Marty the posts and then he sent them to Mickey? Wouldn't be shocked.