Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Variety is reporting that the Farrelly brothers are working on a remake of The Three Stooges. If all works out according to their plan, Sean Penn will play Larry, Jim Carrey will be Curly, and Benicio del Toro will be Moe.

While they're at it, how about a score by John Williams, Janusz Kaminski as d.p., with a screenplay by Steve Zaillian?


Anonymous said...

"Jim Carrey will be Curly"

Preposterous. Everyone knows that Vic Mackey is the one and only Curly.

And who's playing Shemp, Curly Joe, and Joe Besser? If the Farrelly Bros think that the public will settle for some abridged version of the Stooges, then they're sorely mistaken.

Anonymous said...

Alec Baldwin as the hotel owner

Renee Zellwegger as the society woman arranging a big ball at the hotel

Teri Garr as Moe's mother

Matt Dillon (with mustache) as the landlord who wants to evict the Stooges from their run-down apartment

Jack Black, Ben Stiller and Chris Elliot as Hollywood actors who see the brothers in real life while at the hotel and decide to make a movie with themselves in Stooge-like roles, without crediting the Stooges

Cameron Diaz as Moe's ex-wife who still loves him and secretly has been raising the child Moe never knew he had

Victorino Matus said...

Who knows. In fact, maybe the Farrelly brothers are not making this a Stooges movie per se, but about the Stooges themselves? Maybe it will turn out that Curly wanted to be taken seriously as an actor and not just a slapstick comedian. And Moe was one of the earliest members of the Hollywood Left, a revolutionary even, and that he rode a motorcycle. And Larry was gay, mentally handicapped, or both.