Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Bloody Show

For whatever it's worth. The headline (for which I can claim no credit) is the best part of the review.

One of the little secrets of the trade is that writers write and editors write headlines. Writers frequently suggest headers; the editors usually come up with their own. All of the best headlines for my pieces have come from editors and "Present at the Creation" is up there with my other favorite. I reviewed a book about Jimmy Carter for Claremont a few years ago where the great John Kienker came up with the header "Malaise Forever."

I'll be forever grateful for that.


Jim said...

"Dr. Grantly Dick-Read"

This is a joke, right? Right?!?

Bill Walsh said...

Great headline, and like all great artists, he steals. That from "The Simpsons." It was inscribed on the base on the Jimmy Carter statue that caused riots in Springfield and was later rededicated to Marge and given her hair. I can only find a picture of the post-Marged statue and the inscription is not all that legible, but squint and you may be able to make it out:

Anonymous said...

After today, it's clear that Federer's reign is over and that he should do something else, like retire or play doubles. Oh wait, that sounds totally retarded.