Monday, June 22, 2009

Disney's New Advertorial

Jenny's site is running an ad for a new ABC Family series called Make It or Break It, which looks like a more family-friendly version of the Missy Peregrym movie Stick It.

The ad is mocked up to look like an actual blog post. But here's the thing: the text on the ad is mocked up to read like a blog post about the show--a kind of bitchy, snarky sideswipe that quickly morphs into a traditional ad. Here's the text:

This series is about world-class female gymnasts who work out at The Rock. Apparently this facility trains them to compete on a World Class level in jealousy, drama, and bitchiness as well. I haven't seen this many hairballs coughed up since Lindsey and Samantha's last holiday party. Hot girls spinning around on a mat, cat fights and backstabbing. Tune in for the series premiere of "Make It or Break It", June 22 on ABC Family.

Keep in mind, that ad copy was put together (or at least authorized) by the channel. Nothing wrong with it, but it is kind of interesting.

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Jim said...

Big push in mall kiosk ads in Chicago yesterday.