Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Keep Matus Away From Sharp Objects

Here's the trailer for the new Xbox game: The Beatles Rock Band.


Victorino Matus said...

The object of this game should have been preventing Yoko from marrying John and splitting up the band. You could even combine elements of Call of Duty. (She is that deadly.) Or choose a Beatle and have different objectives. As John, not to marry Yoko. As Paul, not to get killed (we all know what really happened--28IF!!!). As George, not to become brainwashed by the maharishi. Or as Ringo, to stick to the drums and leave the vocals to everyone else.

jon said...

I'm not sure of the point to this game. It requires a leap of imagination I'm incapable of. Half their career, they never played live. Most of it, they couldn't. It was all studio noodling.

Were I a god, and got to pick one band to smite from the record, I'd pick the Beatles. I'm sure my record collection would remain largely unchanged.