Friday, June 26, 2009

Good Night, Sweet Prince

There's lots to say about Michael Jackson, but above all else, I'd argue that he's the only entertainer who can be measured using the same yardstick used for Elvis.

(I'd be open to including Sinatra and The Beatles, but would probably say that they're more pure musicians than performers. In any case, this is a very short list.)

P.S.: Advantage blogosphere!

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Joe said...

I'd put Sinatra in with Elvis and Michael. Sinatra had musical talents, but his primary contribution was the voice and the performance. And what a voice. I think the Beatles are in their own universe because the confluence of talents writing, performance, harmonizing, etc., plus the skill George Martin employed make them a unique force of nature. Remarkable that nothing like any of them has appeared in the last 25 years.