Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Sienna Miller as Gung-Ho

From my blog-crush:
Miller and Law split following Law's admission he slept with Daisy Wright, but "they reportedly met in private in England for secret talks in a bid to rescue their relationship."

The "met in private for secret talks in a bid to rescue" makes this sound a tad more important than it really is. Unless Siena Miller is secretly in the Delta Force, they were basically on a date, not training to topple a Panamanian strongman. I'm guessing at no point did someone pull off their glasses in front of a huge electronic map of the globe and say, "We've got six hours gentlemen...". The problem is that Jude Law would have sex with a porcupine if it made eye contact, not that freedom and liberty as we know it is threatened.

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Anonymous said...

Were they on a date or were they discussing what are they going to do about the fact that Miller is pregnant and the prospective father cannot keep it in his pants?

I have to say that between Siena Miller and Denise Brooks I am going with Denise almost every time but Miller's stupidity intrigues me.

Women who marry male ho's- next on Oprah

Now I think of it have we ever seen Siena Miller and Valerie Plame together in the same room?