Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Swords Are Cool

The Cake Editrix sends us to a page with video of guns being fired at Samurai swords. I couldn't get the machine gun video to load, but in this video a 9mm is fired at a Katana. The bullets get sliced in two.


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Michael said...

Keep in mind that lead is extremely soft, and the particular grade of lead used in hollowpoint bullets is extremely soft indeed. The "jackets" is little more than foil-thickness, just enough to keep the lead from melting from the friction of the barrel, and the bullets are designed to deform ("mushroom") if they hit something as soft as tissue.

I'd be interested in seeing a video of a bullet shot at an ordinary butcher knife -- I suspect the result would be the same -- I've cut bullets in two by just smacking the knife down on the tip of the bullet with roughly the same force as if I were chopping a bone, and it went right through.