Friday, January 27, 2006


Latest Bullpen Report—the scatalogically inclined quarterly parody of a financial business newsletter—has been issued. I especially recommend the new year predictions article. here

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Anonymous said...

The normally impeccable Skinner swings and misses with that link: Let me tell you why the shot at Rick Wagoner is really not funny:

GM spends $2,000 more per car produced vs. Toyota. $1,800 of that amount is the legacy costs it must pay to fund current workers and retirees pensions and health care. BTW, this info is available everywhere so just google it.

Even if GM was able to have top line revenue increases in perpetuity they would still go bankrupt, simply because of how long they have been in business (hence a giant pool of retirees), combined with their contractual obligations.

Either GM & Ford break the UAW (because the rank and file don't seem to understand that resisting benefit cuts is suicidal) or the american auto industry goes bye-bye.

Skinner, this is particularly fucking hilarious: One in 8 jobs in the US depends in some fashion on the auto industry or its suppliers, be it direct employment, supply chain or service business.

Jason O.