Thursday, January 05, 2006

Here's some very cool and exciting news in the field of military science and technology. Two conventional submarines have just been commissioned and are considered to be virtually invisible to sonar. The subs are "driven by air-independent propulsion. The use of fuel cells markedly increases the sub's radius of action. Hydrogen and oxygen combine in the fuel-cell module and are converted into electricity. Water is the only waste product that remains. This cutting-edge propulsion system enables the ... submarines to move virtually noiselessly underwater, thus making them very difficult to detect."

Awesome. The subs are designated ... U212A ... and are made ... in ... Germany ... Uh oh.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I think I saw that movie! I forget how we took them out though.

Anonymous said...

Most of a submarine's sound signature comes from screw noise not the propulsion system itself. So unless the Krauts have developed a fancy new low noise propeller...

Back in the '60's --I think--the Brits built a submarine powered by hydrogen peroxide.

Duane said...

I think Kelloggs made a baking powder submarine back in the 70's.

That was back when Captain Crunch was still an ensign...

Anonymous said...

what are these doors?
right down the long axis of the sub.
i'll be.......
this could be......
this could be a caterpillar.
a what?
a caterpillar ...... magnetohydrodynamic propulsion.
water goes in the front and gets squirted out the back, but it's got no moving parts so it would be very quiet.
how quiet?
it would sound like whales humping ....... anything but a submarine.
they really built this, this isn't a mockup.
she put to sea this morning.
when i was 10, i helped my daddy build a bomb shelter because some fool parked a couple a dozen warheads 90 miles off the coast of florida.
this could park a couple of hundred off the coast of new york or washington and no one would know anything about about it until it was all over.

bill here.
i'll take a dozen of these just to keep those good peace loving german workers busy.
please ship them to:

61008 Ahmadi

at your soonest convenience.


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